April 2022 Issue

IEEE India Council Announcements

Risk to Resilience - a Journey for Urban India | IEEE MOVE India

As part of Disaster management talk series the seventh talk in the series on Risk to Resilience – a Journey for Urban India was delivered on April 30 2022 at 7 pm in virtual mode by Prof. Mahua Mukherjee, Professor from IIT Roorkee and Secretary General to South Asia Alliance for Disaster Resilience Institutes (SAADRI). 

 The talk was attended by about 50 participants.

IEEE HAC, IEEE India Council

The IEEE SIGHT Team, Bangalore Section visited the Parikrma Campus in Bangalore to unlock the potential of underserved children, enabling them to live on equal terms and become valuable contributors in society. The program started in 2003 with a current count of 2000 children from 99 slums and 5 orphanages as a part of Parikrma. Following a 360-degree initiative model, they had aimed to provide free high quality ICSE education, KG-10th grade education in four schools at Parikrma Centre for Learning and 11th and 12th grade education at one Parikrma Junior College. They had also arranged a sponsored professional degree program and mentorship till the students were employed. The program further ensured three meals a day for the students and comprehensive health care. The Parikrma alumni are currently pursuing higher education in the varied spheres of Law, Engineering, Medicine, Design for Change, CA, Business, Aeronautics and more.

The team of the outreach collaborative event of the Bangalore and Delhi Sections visited Government Girls Sr. Secondary School, Sultanpuri, North Delhi on April 8, 2022 with the goal to motivate kids to become successful professionals, and step jump in social status. The team also handled an invited lecture on the benefits of IEEE and Research Funding at Bennett University on April 9, 2022 with Mr. Ravindra Joshi and Mr. Ramneek.

Faculty Training Program On “Industry 4.0” | IEEE EA

The Educational activities Team of IEEE India Council organized the Faculty Training Program on Industry 4.0 on April 2nd and 3rd through online. The inaugural function of the programme was conducted on April 2nd, 2022, at 2.00 PM through online.

Dr.D.Devaraj, Vice chair, Educational activities welcomed the gathering and he highlighted the educational activities from IEEE India Council. Dr.K.R.Suresh Nair, Chair, IEEE India council delivered the presidential address highlighting the importance of Industry 4.0. Mr. S. Ramachandran, Principal Consultant, Knowledge Institute, Infosys inaugurated the training program and delivered the Keynote address. The following resource persons have delivered lectures in the 2-days FTP.

  • Dr. B.B. Botre, CSIR-CEERI, Pilani
  • Dr. Tanushyam Chattopadhyay, Principal Scientist, TCS, Kolkata
  • Mr. Chirabrata Bhaumik, Senior Scientist, TCS
  • Ms. Kriti Kumar, Scientist, TCS
  • Mr.Vasanthkumar, SRMIST, Chennai
  • Dr. Himadri Nath Saha, SNEC, Calcutta University

Totally, 225 participants from different parts of the country participated in this event. The FTP enabled the participants to understand the technologies behind Industry 4.0 and the status of Industry 4.0 in India.

IEEE Pre-University STEM Portal Grant Recipients 2022

We are very much delighted to announce that under IEEE India Council, Seven Sections has awarded IEEE TryEngineering Pre-University STEM Portal Grant 2022.

TryEngineering aims to empower educators to foster the next generation of technology innovators. They provide educators and students with resources, lesson plans, and activities that engage and inspire. This is an initiative from IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology.

For more information visit: https://tryengineering.org/news/ieee-pre-university-stem-portal-grant-recipients-2022/

IC Vaani Podcast

Harish Srinivasan a Learner more than anything else. That helped him to Design Learning Experience, Teach, Mentor Children over the past 7 Years. Co-Founder of an Education Startup called Infinite Engineers right from college final year. He has worked with around 500 schools and personally interacted with over 15000 children.

Transforming education had always been his core motivating element as he came from factory model of education system which was designed for Industrial Age. But in information age many of the existing practice is not even relevant. Children are now smart enough to ask Why should I learn this?
He is passionate facilitator of learning who loves to research, study curriculum frameworks and keep self updated about latest trends in education. This happens through interactions with stakeholders of education system at various levels.

Checkout about IEEE Education Resources at: https://www.ieee.org/education/

Checkout about his organization at: https://infiniteengineers.in/

Section Events


Event Details:

  1. To help other student branches in bringing more students into the action of leaping technology forward
  2. To spread knowledge about benefits of joining IEEE
  3. Networking between Student Branches.
  4. Provide Information regarding section activities to enhance student membership.
  5. Doubt clearing and guidance to enhance IEEE Brand value in institutions.

Participants: 53

Key Takeaways:

  1. Dr. Pushpamala gave valuable information regarding IEEE membership benefits, IEEE access, IEEE data port, IEEE job site, IEEE proceedings, IEEE spectrum magazine
  2. Brief introduction towards global IEEE events such as IEEE DAY.
  3. Interaction through panel discussion enhanced confidence among other SB’s.

Sunday Walk & Breakfast with An IEEE Fellow

Event Details:

  1. Experience sharing by Dr. Gopal Pingali who is MD & Global Hybrid Cloud Leader at Accenture.
  2. To nurture scientific and research mindset in young minds.
  3. Networking between scholars and students.
  4. To promote outside class education and develop a questioning mindset in students.

Participants: 40

Key Takeaways:

  1. The session enhanced student’s mindset on scientific temperament.
  2. It helped students to get answers to many industries related and IEEE related questions.
  3. Students drew inspiration from him and how they can explore everything without restricting themselves to a specific domain.
  4. The Speaker also shared his real-life experiences and interacted with students on an Individual basis to help them clarify their doubts.

Techworld Workshop on Electronics Lab for Schools

Event Details:

  1. To make students have hands-on experience with setups of small experiments using electronic components and experience output.
  2. To create an excitement in the young minds and to definitely develop their interest in the science field.
  3. To also develop skills in them so that they can also use the knowledge acquired in the workshop to implement their ideas on their own without the help from their parents.

Participants: Students of class 7th and 8th

Key Takeaways:

  1. This workshop is a step towards providing a platform for school children to use technology by learning science concepts.
  2. It will also develop the thinking skills of students. It will promote their ability to find a variety of solutions for the same problem and then analyze the results to identify the best solution.
  3. Hence, it will promote research culture in them. It is receiving a positive response and acceptance from students as well as teachers.

IEEE Delhi Section Student Awards Ceremony 2022

Event Details:

On 16th April 2022, IEEE Delhi Section Student Activities Committee organised the much-anticipated IEEE Delhi Section Student Awards Ceremony 2022 at Manav Rachna University in Faridabad, Haryana, to honour and felicitate the section’s dedicated student branches and their diligent volunteers. To acknowledge their fellow volunteers, enthusiastic representatives from all of IEEE Delhi Section’s student branches were present at the event.

In addition, the maiden edition of the IEEE Delhi Section SAC Website and IEEE Delhi Section SAC Newsletter 2021 were launched at the ceremony.

Dignitaries like Prof. Rachana Garg – Chair of IEEE Delhi Section and Student Activities Committee, Prof. Prerna Gaur – Director East Campus NSUT, Dr. Sneha Kabra – Treasurer IEEE Delhi Section, Mr. Daman Dev Sood – Chair IEEE Delhi Section CS Chapter were present at the gracious occasion.

The following awards were presented to dedicated volunteers.

Student Branch Membership Excellence Award

Outstanding Branch Counsellor Award

IEEE Delhi Section Student Network Award

Dr. J.K. Pal Memorial Award

Outstanding Student Volunteer Award

Outstanding WIE Student Volunteer Award

The IEEE Delhi Section wishes all of the award recipients godspeed in their future endeavours.

Participants: 100

Key Takeaways:

Volunteer’s grit and determination always get rewarded. Leadership roles are always recognized.

Unity Game Development and its Application

Event Details:
Department of computer engineering, SOCET along with Silver Oak University IEEE Student Branch in association with GUJCOST, DST & govt. of Gujarat had organized a 5 Day Short-Term Training Program (STTP) on “Unity Game Development & its application.” Yohaan Tavadia sir started the session by introducing game development. On day 2 our expert speaker began interacting with the students. As an answer to doubts from previous sessions and to apply new learning a hands-on practical was seen to be conducted. The next day the speaker then started the practical session using Unity Hub. Our eminent speaker gave greatly beneficial information about instrumental animation in game development. On day 4 as instructed in the previous session, the given tasks were inspected to check the team coordination. A well explained practical about different types of lighting in games. A short check of every group’s project was done. The fifth day of this program came to an end with a lot of motivation from our speaker and having a glimpse of some of his past experiences and giving interested students an opportunity to learn from his work. Admiring the speaker is a key moment of an event that the university respects.

Participants: 75

Key Takeaways:
Unity is a platform which is mainly used to create interactive gaming applications. In this session we learned how to develop game and what are the career options ahead with it.

vTools Training

Event Details:
SAC IEEE Gujarat Section in association with IEEE GCET SB, IEEE SOU SB, and IEEE ADIT SB had come up with a Virtual vTools Training Session. The IEEE Volunteer Tools (vTools) webpage provides access to a variety of resources for IEEE members and volunteers. The event was conducted by three speakers from different student branches. They briefed about reporting an event, officer reporting, OU analytics, and many more resources in vTools. The vTools Training was conducted virtually on the Google Meet platform on 10th April 2022. Swayam Bhalodia began the training. He first explained the basic login procedure for vTools. He then went on to describe vTools Student Branch Reporting and vTools Officer Reporting. Giriraj Shah took the training ahead and explained some more features out of the plenty offered by vTools. The two key topics covered by him were vTools eNotices and vTools Events. the training was taken forward by Maharsh Patel. The two primary topics covered by him were IEEE Membership Validator and IEEE OU Analytics. The discussion ended with a Q&A session and a vote of gratitude to all of the dignitaries from the IEEE Gujarat Section.

Participants: 65

Key Takeaways:
The main objective of the event was to give all the officers of different SB’s about vTools site and how it is beneficial for keeping record of things.

Kochi Hub Chairs’ Meet

Event Details:

The Chairs’ Meet started with the reading of the IEEE Code of Ethics by Ms Nithya Sree R Kartha. The welcome address was delivered by Mr Nitheesh Kurian. This was followed by an address by Prof Dr P S Sreejith. The inauguration of the session was done by Dr Mini Ulanat . The keynote address was presented by Dr M V Rajesh Maliyeckal. The SAC’s message was delivered virtually by Mr Gilesh M P. After that Mr Sreehari A S handled session on student branch management and volunteering. An overview of the activities planned by IEEE Kochi Hub was conveyed to the audience by IEEE Kochi Hub student representative and IEEE LINK ECC. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms Lekshmi Sharma.


  • Dr Mini Ulanat (Chair, IEEE Kerala Section)
  • Dr M V Rajesh (Chair, IEEE Kochi Subsection)
  • Prof. Dr P S Sreejith (Principal, Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology)
  • Dr Gilesh M P (Chair, Student Activities Committee, IEEE Kerala Section)
  • Dr Elizabeth Rita Samuel (Vice-Chair, Student Activities Committee, IEEE Kerala Section)
  • Mr Nitheesh Kurian (ECC, IEEE Kochi Subsection)
  • Mr Sreehari A S (ECC and Member of SA, IEEE Kochi Subsection)

Participants: 63

Key Takeaways:

  • Session on student branch management and volunteering.
  • SAC’s message by Mr Gilesh M P.

Out of the BLUE 2.0

Event Details:

The session was started with a welcome address by the councilor of IEEE SB Vedavyasa institute of technology. The structure of IEEE and an overview of IEEE were given by Ms.Aleena K Shibu and Mr. Ajithabh Krishna respectively. The participants were divided into six groups and played a game.  Ms.Meghana NV explained the Roles and responsibilities of each ExeCom member and about the vTools.  Mr. Ajithabh Krishna gave an overview of the IKS Mint App and IEEE Brand Guidelines. The opportunities in IEEE were discussed by Ms. Haritha M V. The Hub activities were presented by Mr. Rohin Raj. The outline regarding the MD kits and goodies was discussed by Ms. Aleena K Shibu.  A brainstorming idea pitching session was held for students who are interested to become IEEE members. Really creative and innovative ideas came from the students. Then Malabar hub team taught the students how to take the IEEE membership.

Participants: 60

Key Takeaways:

  • Session on opportunities in IEEE.
  • Idea pitching session for students who wanted to become IEEE members.

IEEE SB Tezpur University Meet Up | 9th April 2022

Event Details:
After the extensive lockdown for the covid19 pandemic, Tezpur University finally brought its students back on campus and the IEEE Student Branch after running everything online for almost 2 years finally got around to meeting offline. The session included introductions and getting to know one another sprinkled with some fun games and quizzes. There was a brief Introduction of IEEE organization and its importance to the society. We also encourage the students to take the official IEEE membership and also explained the benefits can be avail being an official IEEE member. The event was wrapped up with the question and answer session and sweet distribution to end up the session on a sweet note.

Participants: 14

Key Takeaways:
Encouraged the students and spread the importance about IEEE.

Entrepreneurship in the Fields of RF, Microwave, and Antenna Engineering

Event Details:
On 8th April, IEEE MTT-S JU hosted an event with two eminent speakers from the industry – Dr. Amitava Das, CEO of Tagore Technologies and Dr. Indrajit Bhattacharyya. The event took place in Jadavpur University and was attended by 32 participants. Dr. Das and Dr. Bhattacharyya talked about the various challenges and requirements in the RF industry.

Participants: 32

Key Takeaways:
The attendees got to know about the different radiofrequency filters used in the industry. The attendees also got to know about the different components of satellite communication.

IEEE International Conference on Electronic Systems and Intelligent Computing (ICESIC-2022)

Event Details:

  • The main aim of this conference was to bring together leading academicians, researchers, technocrats, practitioners, and students to exchange and share their experiences and research outputs on all aspects of Electronics and Intelligent systems.
  • The themes are on recent Technology topics including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning, IoT and Wireless Communication, Digital Smart Electronic Circuit and Systems, and Intelligent Computing.
  • The Vision of ICESIC-2022 is to offer an excellent opportunity to bring together some 100 plus research scholars, members of faculty, students, and key officials nationally and internationally to discuss the recent advances in computer science and engineering with a focus on sustainability.
  • The overall motive of ICESIC 2022 is to foster communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of the above areas in Engineering and Technology.

Statistics: 539 papers were received out of which 70 were accepted and in the next step 68 were accepted for oral presentations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Energetic Participants gather at ICESIC 2022 to present research results, share visions and ideas, obtain updates on the latest technologies, and expand professional and social networking.
  • The conference team organized keynote sessions on various Technology topics with eminent speakers from all over the world.

Industry Expert Lecture on “Cloud Based Human Capital Management”

Event Details:

IEEE Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune (SIT) student branch hosted an Industry Expert Lecture on April 5th as a part of IEEE Education Week 2022. Ms. Saritha, a Success factors Managing Consultant presently working at Ernst & Young in Advisory Practice was invited to deliver the expert lecture. Dr. Arundhati Warke, respected Dy. Director (Academics), welcomed the honorary guest as well as the attendees to the webinar. Further in the session, Ms. Saritha discussed about a wide array of important topics such as-

  • Cloud – based HR principles
  • Introducing numerous functionalities accessible in HR management software

Role of cloud based technologies in human capital management etc.

Participants: 40

Key Takeaways:
Session came to an end with the Q&A segment. As Ms. Saritha answered the questions, she explored the potential growth of Cloud HR in the coming future. By the end of the session all the attendees got an enhanced understanding on how cloud can be used across various verticals in the industry.

Volunteer Experience-Sharing

Featuring - Bismannjit Kaur (IEEE Delhi Section)

It all started four years back in 2018. It was my first month in college when I came across IEEE. At that very moment, I had made up my mind to join IEEE and explore its opportunities. I always had the endless desire to do something for the society and inspire the generation to innovate for a better tomorrow.

Explore more about Bismannjit Kaur! 

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