Volunteering Experience of Bismannjit Kaur

It all started four years back in 2018. It was my first month in college when I came across IEEE. At that very moment, I had made up my mind to join IEEE and explore its opportunities. I always had the endless desire to do something for the society and inspire the generation to innovate for a better tomorrow. IEEE is an excellent community as it allows us to learn and volunteer for a better cause on a single platform. I started my volunteering journey as a student volunteer in IEEE, untangling diverse opportunities along the way. I was also given a chance to be the WIE-Vicechair of my Student Branch and Chairperson of my branch for two successive years. In 4 year long journey, I was also given the opportunity to Mentor the WIE Delhi Section team and simultaneously was the WIE Coordinator for the student section network Delhi section. I was also a part of the core team of AISYWLC’20. I was recently felicitated by Dr. J. K. Pal Memorial Award, Delhi Section. Experiences like this helped me develop a professional network around the globe and gave me a forum to showcase my skills and give my best to the team and community.

I am very proud to be able to give my best to the community and inspire the youth to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE is the world’s leading resource for technological innovation and professional networking. It has helped me a lot in my professional growth. Volunteering at a student branch level to a global level has given me the confidence, leadership, patience, perseverance, felicitation, street-smartness, and stress management to do anything. It has exposed me to a lot of talented people in various fields. I was honoured to be given a chance to interact with leaders in my area of expertise. During my initial years in IEEE, I along my team filled up for YESIST’12. It was a 3-round process. We had cleared the 1st round but were not very sure about the 2nd round that was taking us to finals (we were just in 2nd-year BTech). But, in the scorching summers of June-July, our phones pinged up with a mail “Congratulations-Selected for finals.” It was a dream come true! Each new day was new learning. It is rightly said: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” It was new and a memorable experience altogether.

Other than IEEE, I have been a very active student in my college. I have actively participated in and hosted various drives to collect funds for the needy. I have been the master of ceremony for our annual college technical fest and in the core team of the same. In this, I was responsible for managing events, finances, sponsorships, and most importantly, the team. Apart from this, I was the captain of my college’s basketball team. These activities have indeed helped me in my overall development.