Volunteering Experience of Vamsi Krishna Addepalli

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Vamsi Krishna is an electronic hobbyist who seeks out every opportunity to learn. At the time, his college was planning to form an IEEE Student Branch, and he was one of the founding student members. Then he started looking into IEEE Benefits, where they received a notification from his section about a workshop on IoT and Raspberry Pi and registered. He had high hopes that the workshop would be completely organized by faculty, but as he entered the lab, he saw that the students were handling everything under the supervision of faculty members. He was shocked, and at the end of the workshop, he discovered that Volunteering helps him learn, network and can benefit me in ways beyond his imagination. From that day on, he has been an IEEE Volunteer till now.

In the year 2021, he volunteered as the Chair of the IEEE SIRCAR COE Student Branch (STB11558). They had millions of brainstorming sessions with EXECOM members, where they discussed various events that could be organized and planned them accordingly. That is also the time where Covid’19 second wave occurs. So, in order to make the hackathon more attractive, he linked it with IEEE Region 10 SAC – Special Call for Covid’19 Related projects. They accepted the ideas and were able to evaluate and submit the Top 5 Ideas for funding with the support of his professors. They received notification that one of the proposals, ‘Smart Oxygen Production’, had been chosen for financing of $400 USD. That mail made his day and was the proudest moment.

When Vamsi joined IEEE and began volunteering, the first thing he noticed was his transformation from an introvert to an extrovert, along with an improvement in his communication skills. He also benefited from it:

  • As part of the IEEE Hyderabad Section Mentorship Programme 2021, he completed a 20-week internship with an IEEE Senior Member.
  • He was able to learn how to design the WordPress Static Website.
  • Helped him to expand his Network in related fields.

Vamsi’s best IEEE Story is the first offline event he participated as a technical volunteer, IEEE Quarter Tech Talk Table Series Edition 7.0, which was held at North Cap University in Delhi. Where he traveled from Vijayawada to Delhi and was delighted to witness the conference in-person for the first time offline. He was nervous when he arrived at university, but he made himself at ease. After a year of Virtual Volunteering, he met Ramneek, Ram, and Nidhi there. There they arranged the event, discussed their thoughts and feelings, and made new University friends.

Apart from IEEE:

  • Volunteered as a facilitator for Arduino Workshop which is organized in his College for his juniors as a part of Knowledge Transfer.
  • Website Coordinator, National Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 2021 which is organized by Sir C R Reddy College of Engineering.
  • Website Coordinator, C@NNECT-2k21 (A tech fest which is organized by Sir C R Reddy College of Engineering).
  • Designer, SIRCRRCOE IETE Club
  • Volunteered at Tree Plantation Activity in Bengaluru which is organized by Intel India.