Volunteering Experience of Umiya Ramesh Rathod

“Act as if what you do makes a difference… It does”
This quote written by William James is the belief of Umiya Rathod. She says that she is one of those very lucky people who can say with pride that she is an IEEE volunteer. She preceded IEEE with the same reason to do volunteering. Through IEEE she has explored technology and most importantly understood the professional essence of making things meaningful. She always wants to bring the smile on the people by doing the good and bringing the good.

She says that being an IEEE volunteer is something to be proud of. She became the SB Chair in the first year itself, because she  was the only member in our SB who was a WIE member. She is proud that when she joined IEEE people believed in her and her work and they made a few more people to join the SB. Along with the position responsibilities also have come to her but because of the support of the people at the SB tasks do feel very easy to her.

According to her “ when we talk about IEEE networking is the primary advantage it comes with”. She was able to work with many different SB,s, universities, and YP. Along with working with these people you also can learn many things, that’s what umiya says. After joining IEEE, she has built many skills that have not only helped her inside IEEE activities but also outside of it. The cherry on the top moment was when she got a chance to serve in the IEEE India council newsletter IC Vaani, due to this she was able to understand a lot of new things and explored many skills.

There are many stories and one of them will always remain her favorite. They celebrated IEEE Day at their university where Mr Ramneek Kalra was invited as a guest and a speaker. Ramneek Kalra is an Impact creator from Hyderabad Section. She had a great chance of meeting him personally to which she is very proud of. She got so inspired by him and went straight to him after the event came to an end. He guided her to IEEE and also told her the advantages that she can come across by joining IEEE. She wrote him a thank you note to which he appreciated a lot and posted on various platforms, also he has kept that note till the date.

That makes her really happy.

Apart from IEEE Umiya is  an active volunteer at NSS at her university. Where she has actively participated in various Blood Donation camps, Grain Donation camps, teaching little kids, plantation drives and many more. She got recognition for being one of the top four volunteers in the university as well as being nominated for the 67-Wankaner Campus Ambassador for the AY 22-23.

She says that “There are a lot of things to come across on this road and I am super proud and grateful I have explored to a certain level in just 8 months after joining the IEEE.”