Volunteering Experience of Shruti Chandra

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Shruti says, “Being an IEEE Volunteer has given me an excellent chance to grow and glow.” In the very start years of her journey with IEEE, she has got to learn many new things, things which she was very thankful for. Apart from this, she has got chances to meet highly dignified professionals and also to interact with them is one thing that has given her much confidence in herself and her abilities.

As an IEEE Volunteer, it gives her immense pride in making mention of the online interview she had conducted with Professor V.S Borkar for the Quarterly release of Bombay Section’s Newsletter, In the Loop, having had got a chance to speak with such a personality was an honor indeed.

The access to conference papers, enhancement of communication skills in the course of carrying out her duties while doing justice to her posts and a chance to attend webinars held by learned people are some of the most acknowledged benefits she has reaped from IEEE.

Currently she is working as the Head Content Writer of an education-based NGO. Apart from this, she is a published co- author in several books, languages of which were both English and Hindi and having public speaking as her strength, she has often had slots in functions to address her colleagues and friends with her works, mostly poetry in English and Hindi. She is also carrying out the responsibility of the managing Editor-in-Chief of her college’s annual magazine.