Volunteering Experience of Sanketh Raj Patil

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Sanketh loves to be a volunteer for IEEE because of the stage it has given him and the steppingstone it is for a bigger stage in life. Volunteering for IEEE has been an enhancing experience throughout his engineering life in terms of his social, creative and thinking skills.

Being a part of IEEE, what Sanketh is most proud of is his connection and network with the variety of people within the circles of IEEE. He has been inspired by his seniors and teachers at IEEE, been an inspiration to his batchmates and juniors. More importantly, he has made friends and memories throughout this journey. He is proud to have been a part of so many peoples life in so many ways and can be remembered by many. He is also proud to have been in close mentoring of P Deepa Shenoy ma’am, currently the chair of IEEE Bangalore Section but who was always a loving teacher and mentor at his SB helping him in many ways of volunteering and life.

To Sanketh, IEEE is just a wishing well. What you offer, comes back to you rightfully and in much grand scheme of manners. Apart from the technical benefits of research papers, ideas, and content to read from, it has been a community where I could collaborate, talk, and ideate together. It has been a platform and community which has taught me what kind of work culture to adapt, how to resolve issues between teammates and build through together. Hence, the comparison to wishing well, what you give to IEEE and how dedicatedly you give is how one will reap its benefits.

Although there are many moments to share and remember like organizing events, fests and the time spent in IEEE room, talking to seniors and then juniors, ideating for coding, one of the most memorable incidents, he shares is the time with his IEEE team at Coorg, Karnataka. It was his first time going for a trip, away from family. On the second night of the trip, a couple of us stayed awake and went to spot stars in the sky. We scared or at least tried to scare each other with our horror stories. Eventually we went on to have a deep conversation about life, future, and the next thing we know it was 3AM in the night. While we were just walking and talking, one of us went missing. We looked at every nook and corner of the resort only to find him sleeping at his room.

Thanks to IEEE, my soft skills, marketing skills were well known along with my passion for coding. Thanks to this spirit, I was able to be a part of the GDSC UVCE community. I also channeled the skills I picked up from IEEE onto theatre, acting and street plays for Tatva and Bangalore Little Theatre for a short time. Thanks to the soft skills I picked up so naturally at IEEE that I could successfully crack my interviews during the placement season as well.