Leader Segment with Prof. K. Gopalan Nair

1.) What is your “IEEE Mantra” which helped you to be a member till date in IEEE?

It is the quintessence of the slokam,
“Karmanye Vadhikarasthe
Ma Bhaleshu kadachana”
This enlightening and inspirational verse from the Holy Bhagavat Geetha has always been a motivation for me in all my endeavours.
It is indeed a ‘Manthra’, the driving force that leads (prompts) you in your KARMA in the quest for attaining DHARMA.

2.) Share any of your personal experience where IEEE helped you to explore and grow.

Ans.) My association with IEEE has always been fascinating. It has immensely helped me in fashioning my literary skills. I could write and publish books in my areas of interest which include ironically astrology and ancient architecture.  I would expand IEEE as Inspiration, Enthusiasm, Empathy and Exuberance.

3.) What do you expect for the future of IEEE India Council Newsletter to be like?

Ans.) Presently the Newsletter keeps very high level of standard. In the coming years of e- journalism we may think of increasing the number of pages in order to make the issues more versatile by including activities of different sections as well as latest news.

4.) How long have you been doing Newsletter Editorship?

Ans.) It has been continuosuly for 25 years as on 2021, and I am assigned the job for 2022 as well. (Total more than 34 years as member. Currently LSM)