Volunteering Experience of Palle Pranitha

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Pranitha is a woman who does miracles with her words., yes what you are thinking is correct. She is a content writer. People admire her for her content writing skills, public speaking skills, and for the way she organizes things. Her friends who identified these qualities in her suggested to her that IEEE would be a great platform to brush up on her skills and grow as a person in a professional way. After she got into IEEE, she additionally realized that she is also good at volunteering, and understood the thrill of sharing knowledge, and expressing her ideologies. After volunteering for more than 50 events and one flagship event at the SB level, she found happiness in learning and making others learn. She enjoyed organizing events that benefited an individual and promoted learning. This motivated her to become a volunteer.

Being antisocial, it was a tough task for her to interact with people. Later, she started organizing events as IEEE GPREC Women in Engineering Affinity Group Secretary. The more events she organized the more exposure she got. She built her networking and communication skills which helped her in organizing 50+ technical and non-technical events successfully. After this phase of IEEE SB Member, she got a chance of becoming a Student Networking member and she felt her hard work got has finally paid off. As an SN Member, she improved her content writing skills which helped her to become a part of the IEEE India Council Newsletter Team 2022 as a Section Representative and this journey from an SB WIE Secretary to SB Chair and from SN Member to ICNL Team Member is the proudest moment for her.

IEEE gave her a platform where she can share her thoughts and get some guidance on them. It introduced her to the other side of the world where she experienced the joy of knowledge sharing. With IEEE, she got to meet the most amazing people whose ideologies always inspired her and made her what she is today. She got to know about millions of new things, and their point of view towards a particular situation made her think about the solutions from a different lens. IEEE also helped her in understanding and analyze the situation. Benefits are not only in the form of rewards, If rewards are the actual benefits, she got the biggest reward in the form of friendships and knowledge. That is what IEEE has taught her.

There are millions of memories in IEEE. IEEE is close to my heart, but few moments in IEEE are close to my soul. There was one moment where I went as a volunteer for IEEE R10 HTC, where I met an incredible person Prof. Jan Haase from Germany, I was inspired by his lecture at the conference and had connected with him after few minutes of talk I asked him how did he like it in India? He said, he didn’t get a chance to discover a lot except for traffic, Then, I asked him if he is interested to go and discover few places in Hyderabad with me. He said, He would love to. Then I took to the tank bund the heart of Hyderabad city to show him the Buddha statue of Hyderabad. He enjoyed the climate and Environment there .we discussed lot about culture and beliefs. I also made taste the best snack of India pani puri, he said it was delicious. And I also thought him the traditional Indian way of eating biryani. At the end he was so happy with the short trip around Hyderabad. And this memory stays in my heart forever.

She has been a part of a few forums outside IEEE like NSS, Sports team, etc. She was awarded with a gold medal at the school level as a throw-ball player. Also, she got many rewards in the Bhagavad Gita sloka chanting competition. She also participated in many painting competitions and got many rewards for it.