March 2022 Issue

IEEE India Council Announcements

Announcement of IEEE India Council Student Coordination Team 2022

Presenting the IEEE India Council Student Coordination Team 2022. Volunteers with various skills and expertise have been assembled from almost all the sections of the IEEE India Council.
The team comes with the determination to take IEEE to greater and brighter heights. Join in to congratulate the team selected from 750+ registrations, the highest till date.

All the world's a Stage | Sinjini Sengupta

IEEE India Council Student Coordination Team conducted the first keynote event for the year 2022 on “All the world’s a stage” in association with Lighthouse. Lighthouse is an organisation that aims to bring hearts to work with the power of storytelling.

The event was graced by 200+ registrants with queries on Public-Speaking & Storytelling with the understanding of the same in one’s professional development. The event was specifically for IEEE Student Members & Young Professionals.

Section Events


Host – Student Activities Committee – IEEE Bangalore Section

Speaker – Prof. Shruti Swaroop

Date – March 8, 2022

The session kick-started with an inspirational story of Prof. Shruti Swaroop addressing all the participants on how she grew up with utmost confidence and her self-esteem. The Speaker emphasized mainly on overcoming some barriers in life to become a successful person. She mainly focused on the important aspects of how to unblock your success.

The event was successfully held with 50+ participants, in which there was a wonderful interactive session with Prof. Shruti Swaroop. She also spoke about how each one of us can become successful, how we can overcome ourselves by being judged by others, and also how to root ourselves to the success tree which blocks our way. She also spoke about how we are distracted by social media and the usage of mobiles which is playing a major role in blocking our success, she gave a wonderful solution to overcome these success blockers so that each one of us can climb our success ladders in our life.

She also answered all the queries asked by the participants which gave a great insight into how one must see themselves to reach their goals and dreams. She also focused mainly on the important aspects that each one of us to start working on and prioritizing things that make us fulfill our ambitions in life.


Host – Student Activities Committee – IEEE Bangalore Section

Speaker – Dipika Trehan

Date – March 10, 2022

A QnA session started off with 50+ participants with Dipika Trehan briefing about the vision behind corporate- diva, that is bridging the gap between the female and male stakeholders in decision making in the corporate world with the dominance of the male stakeholders. She explained the objectives of corporate diva which is meant for upscaling and is a support need platform for everyone, Women especially.


Being the founder of the Health Of Women Forum, she stated the mission of H.O.W which is self-prioritization by women.

She elaborated the motto of H.O.W, ” Making a woman fall in love again….this time, with HERSELF! “By quoting the importance of self-love. She then guided the participants on having a leadership mindset.


Towards the end of the session, she gave some insights about setting up financial goals, differentiating between needs and wants, the path to a successful startup, feminism, and many more corporate women-centric topics.

Metaverse and It's Future


With the aim of spreading awareness about upcoming technological advancements in the field of AR, VR and Metaverse, IEEE Bombay Section and IEEE Bombay Section SAC conducted its flagship bi-annual event ‘ IEEE Bombay Section Students Congress 2022’. The two day event was held on 26th and 27th February, 2022 on cisco webex platform and was also live streamed on youtube.

Dr. Satyanarayana Bheesette, Chairperson of IEEE Bombay Section inaugurated the event with enthusiasm. Day 1 of the congress was filled with interactive and insightful sessions by prominent speakers like Dr. Satyanarayana Bheesette, Mr. Krishnan Sundararajan, Mr. Chintan Oza, Mr. Vidyut Mohan and Dr. Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid. The sessions ranged from Autonomous Vehicles, Green waste to market utilization and Metaverse to entrepreneurship and niche career opportunities for engineers. Technical Contest and networking activities provided ample opportunities to delegates.


With a hands-on session on AR-VR and an interactive session on Robotics, day 2 of IEEE Bombay Section Students Congress 2022 witnessed insightful discussions on the future of these technologies by speakers Mr. A.T. Kishore and Dr. Shital S. Chiddarwar. A dazzling cultural event and vote of thanks by Mr. Tathagat Kumar, Section Student Representative of IEEE Bombay Section brought the event to a successful conclusion. The congress witnessed 700+ registrations, 350+ active participants and 100+ viewers on YouTube.

Teacher's Congress 2022

Host – IEEE Bombay Section

Date – 25th to 27th March 2022

IEEE Bombay Section conducted first of its kind IEEE Teachers Congress from 25th to 27th March 2022 at Hotel Ibis Nashik. 60+ Professors from 24 different institutes from Maharashtra, MP, Chhattisgarh participated in this two and a half day of learnings. The theme of this event was ‘Empowering Leadership Transformation’. It is said that “A hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. This program was inaugurated by Deepak  Mathur (Director IEEE Region 10 (Asia Pacific Region)), Akinori Nishihara, an IEEE veteran from Tokyo, Japan, delivered a video message encouraging everyone to make the most of this opportunity. B. Satyanarayana provided a thorough presentation on research fields, methodology, teacher training, and financing prospects after the inauguration. He clarified the distinctions between academia, research, and business. Prof. B. N. Chaudhary discussed his significant expertise in the field of engineering education as a teacher and administrator. He urged teachers to take an active role in the teaching-learning process and to succeed in research.


Eminent speakers from various field shared their knowledge with one common goal train the teachers of today to give best GEN’Z’ Leaders for tomorrow. Dinesh Israni spoke about ‘Know your inner self and Swot Analysis’ and ‘Know your leadership style’. Sameer Karkhanis did a workshop on ‘Team Building’. Abhay Phanshikar spoke about ‘Conflict Management and the art of confronting them’, Deepaq V. Vartak spoke about ‘Self Branding & Collaboration’, Kiran Talele spoke about ‘various Govt Schemes of funding for University Start-Ups and research, Kaustubh Dhargalkar trained on ‘Design Thinking’, Ganga S spoke about ‘Entrepreneurship’, the session ended with Mr. Anand Gharpure training on ‘Difference between leader and boss’. The participants left with loads of learnings and great memories. The other outcome of this event was the collaboration of various Professor’s of different institutes for future projects and research’.


Host – IEEE Delhi Section

Date – 1st March, 2022 

The Annual General Meeting of IEEE Delhi Section for the year 2022 concluded successfully via virtual mode on 1st March 2022. 

The event commenced with a welcome note by the Chairperson of the IEEE Delhi Section – Prof. Rachana Garg. The attendees were then apprised of the minutes of the previous AGM which took place on 14th March 2021 at NSUT, New Delhi in hybrid mode. The virtual stage was then taken over by the Treasurer of the IEEE Delhi Section – Dr. Sneha Kabra who brought to light the annual financial report for all chapters and subsections and their submission status. After taking up relevant queries the meeting progressed to the announcement of winners for the Section Industry Awards 2021 – namely the Technologist Of The Year Award (Male), Technologist Of The Year Award (Female) and Young Technologist Of The Year Award. Prof. Prerna Gaur, the Immediate Past Chairperson of IEEE Delhi Section then announced the IEEE Delhi Section Executive Committee for 2022 and appointed Mr. Vijay K Gupta as Internal auditor and R P R P & Associates as External auditor. The Nominations for the standing committee were also discussed in this meeting.

The event moved on to the Guest lecture by Prof. Manohar Lal, former Director, School of Computer and Information Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. He spoke briefly on Disruptive Technologies and their global impact and how they will affect society in the upcoming future. The meeting came to an end with a brief thank you note by Prof. Rachana Garg and a vote of thanks by Prof. A Q Ansari, Executive Vice-Chair, IEEE Delhi Section.

Training Session on AWS Cloud Practitioner

Host: Silver Oak University IEEE Student Branch

Participants: 70

Event Details:
Silver Oak University IEEE Student Branch along with Silver Oak University AWS Academy and ElectroMech had organized an enthralling two days hands-on workshop on “AWS Cloud Practitioner”. We believe in giving students exposure to the best blend of technology and expertise. The workshop was a lively and ardent two-day training session. 

The event was organised by the Silver Oak University IEEE Student Branch and was held on the campus of the university. The speakers were Mr. NileshVaghela Sir, Dr. Satvik Khara Sir and Mr. Parth Patel and Prof. Mayuresh Kulkarni Sir. They gave a brief on various topics of cloud computing i.e. IAM, EC2, etc. and gave a good idea on what is clouding, the AWS server, services provided by the Cloud, and how to become a user. And the hands-on session was done on the AWS Educate Website. 

Prof. Nilesh Vaghela sir gave a brief on Standard Network Components, VPC (Virtual Private

Network), Web Hosting and also gave information on cloud storage i.e. AWSS3 Storage Features, AWS S3 – Static Content, EC2. Participants performed a total of 7 AWS Core Services labs at the end of the workshop. After the workshop, speaker and tutor were presented with a memento as a token of appreciation by Prof. Mayuresh Kulkarni and Prof. HareshParmar respectively. A fun-gaming session was planned with all the participants to end the workshop on a light note.


IEEE Kochi hub, in collaboration with IEEE WiE AG Kerala Section, conducted an Online Article Writing Competition ‘INK IT’ as part of International Women’s Day 2022 exclusively for IEEE Members. The topic for the competition was ‘ Is the cyber world unsafe for women? ‘. The competition was conducted via google forms in which the participants were requested to submit their entries. The event saw some exciting entries and the winners were provided with Achievement certificates.

Event Objective:
● To mark the significance of the Safety of Women in the Cyber World.
● To provide an opportunity for others to showcase their creativity and writing skills.

Demographics: Several Participants

The event was conducted online via google forms. The participants were provided with the duration of 5 days to submit their entries until 08/03/2022 from 03/03/2022. The best entries were provided with Achievement certificates. The poster was released on 3rd March 2022 and the publicity period was for 5 days.

The discussion and planning for the event started on 27th February 2022 and coordinators were selected who were in charge of taking all the necessary requirements of the event. Publicity was given 5 days prior to the conduct of the event.

The event was successful in every way. The main objective of the event was met, which was to provide a platform for the students to showcase their creative skills, help them to enhance their skills and share their ideas and thoughts on the topic.


As part of International Women’s Day, IEEE WiE Malabar Hub, in association with WiE Kerala AG conducted a JAM competition on the topic ‘The rise of women is not about the fall of men.’

Event Objective:
To provide the participants an opportunity to come out of their comfort zones and express their opinions regarding the prevailing topic.

Several participants

The registration of the event started on 2nd March and 18 participants got themselves registered. The participants had to upload their entries by sharing a Google drive link that contained their 1-minute video. Time was provided till 6th March, 11:59 pm to send the entries. On 12th March, the winners were announced by the judges.

The event was a great success with vibrant and high-spirited participants. They got an opportunity to express their points of view and to know about others’ too.

Portable Radar Systems for Life Activity Sensing, Anomaly Detection, and Human Tracking (Distinguished Microwave Lecture)

Speaker: Prof. Changzhi Li, Texas Tech University, Texas, USA

Host: IEEE MTT-S SBC, Jadavpur University (Zoom Meetings)

Event Details: On 23rd March 2022, Prof. Changzhi Li gave a DML which was hosted by 6 MTT-S Chapters – SBC of IIT Kanpur, SBC of NIT Warangal, Bombay Section Chpater, SBC of JU, SBC of UEM Jaipur and UP Section Chapter. A total of 103 participants attended the webinar which included both IEEE and non-IEEE members. After the talk, Prof. Li took the time to interact with the participants and answer the questions posted in the chat box. It was an enriching experience for all the participants and everyone present in the webinar greatly appreciated the content of the lecture.

Spacecraft Antennas

Speaker: Dr. Chandrakanta Kumar, U R Rao Satellite Centre, ISRO, Bangalore

Host: IEEE AP/MTT-S Kolkata Chapter

Co-Host: IEEE MTT-S SBC, Jadavpur University

Venue: 4th Floor Seminar Room, Dept. of ETCE, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Event Details: On 29th March 2022, Dr. Chandrakanta Kumar from ISRO gave a lecture on the different types of antennas used in satellites and spacecrafts by the ISRO. It was an offline event and was help in the department of ETCE of Jadavpur University. The event was attended by 20 participants, including 15 IEEE Members and 5 non-members.

Workshop On Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML

Event Objectives:-

  • The IEEE CIS MAS HDR 2022 is a two-day workshop which helded on 5-03-2022 and 6-03-2022 from 9:30AM to 5:30PM. Workshop was focused to create an outreach among the student community. It was also designed in a way that the students were provided with appropriate mentorship which will further enhance their interest in the vast application of Machine learning.
  • This workshop was funded by IEEE Computational Intelligence society and trained by Lema Labs, Chennai parallelly at two institutions – Sri Sairam Engineering College and Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering college with over 120+ students across different colleges in the IEEE Madras Section. 
  • Inaugural Speech is given by Dr. N Kumarappan, Chairman IEEE Madras Section and followed by KeyNote Speakers are Mr. Ashvanth B Treasurer, IEEE Madras Young Professionals and session is handled by Mr. Pawan Raj, Team Lead Lema Labs Incubated at IIT Madras.
  • This workshop assists the delegates with reliable and effective approaches for Recognition of Handwritten digits using machine learning from zero level.

No of Participants:- 120+ Participants

Key Takeaways:-

  • The students had a chance to understand the concepts through various eminent speakers as well the hands-on training lesson by Lema Labs, made the audience to apply their knowledge of Machine learning using the Google CoLab virtual machine. 
  • Separate online platform, where participants can access their workshop tutorials and other resource materials.
  • Learn to build their own Machine Learning Projects With tools and libraries.
  • Test themselves with online quizzes and assignments.

4th IEEE International Conference on "Emerging Smart Computing and Informatics-ESCI-2022"

The 4th IEEE International Conference on “Emerging Smart Computing and Informatics-ESCI-2022” was organized at AISSMS IOIT, Pune from 9th to 11th March 2022. The inauguration was done by Dr. Vasudev Atre through an online platform. At the time of inauguration guest of honor Mr. Tomio Ishogai, Honorary joint Secretary Mr. Suresh Shinde, Mr. Girish Khilari, Mr. Jagdish Chaudhari, Mr. Mandar Khurjekar, Mr. Vivek Deshpande were present and the valedictory function was graced by Dr. S. S. Inamdar (Managing Trustee / Vice President of Vishwaniketan).


In his speech, Dr. Atre said, “Students should set up socially useful projects using multidimensional technologies with the help of interdisciplinary courses and emerging fields like artificial intelligence, data science and MEMS”. Following Dr. Atre’s speech, Dr. P.B.Mane (Principal of AISSMS IOIT) highlighted the reasons for organizing this conference and Mr. Girish Khilari (IEEE’s Pune Section president) briefed the gathering by highlighting the need of raising the bar of quality and standards in higher education. 6 keynote sessions and 4 preconference tutorial sessions were conducted by distinguished resource persons from reputed national and international institutions. Out of 665 research papers received, 78 papers were presented during the conference.

Role of Women Education in Community Building

Swarnandhra College of Engineering & Technology (STB64622) got approval to form the IEEE Student branch in the year 2018. Soon, the Women in Engineering Affinity Group (WIE) Chapter got approval in our student branch with geodode SBA64622.


Inauguration and Talk was arranged on “Role of Women Education in Community Building” on 07-03-2022, 2.00PM-3.30PM in Zoom (Virtual Mode). Good number participants attended the meeting. The event was held for one and a half hour in virtually. Dr S Suresh Kumar, Principal, Welcomed all the participants, Dr Lakshminarayana S, Chair- Vizagbay Section gave his opening remarks. Dr V Usha Bala, WIE- Chair, Vizag Bay Section inaugurated the WIE AG Chapter and gave the overview of AGC in IEEE. Ms M Vijaya, Public Prosecutor, Sessions & District Court, Nellore delivered a talk on Role of Women Education in Community Building. The speaker explained about Women education role in day to day life as well as their personal career growth. More practical examples were given to understand the challenges.  Event was concluded with vote of thanks by Mr V Madhu, WIE AFG Advisor, Swarnandhra College of Engineering & Technology.

Volunteer Experience-Sharing

Featuring - Saraja Rambole (IEEE Pune Section)

Back in 2021, sitting at home due to COVID had become very monotonous and I wanted a channel to vent out my energy and show my potential in some or the other way. My constant urge to do something for the community as a whole helped me discover what IEEE actually is. I started with volunteering as the Podcast Team Lead at IEEE Pune Section, unraveling various other avenues it provides along the way.

Explore more about Saraja Rambole! 

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