Volunteering Experience of Kamya Johar

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Kamya started her IEEE journey in her 4th year of BTech. Everything shut down due to COVID and that was the best time to work on one ownself. She started attending IEEE sessions and noted all the relevant stuff. Writing 2 research papers was a huge leap for her. She came to know about volunteering in IEEE through one of her seniors. From being a part in the content team to becoming publicity committee vice chair, her volunteering experience has been amazing and with each event I have seen a major growth in herself. She did not know back then in 2019 that IEEE would be such a major part of her life. Meeting people with same kind of interests is a different kind of aura in itself.

She was always good at managing her time but not people. IEEE has made her aware of what a true leader is and instilling that quality was the most difficult thing to acquire. In January 2020, she delivered my first workshop in a school on Internet of things to pre university students. Sharing and explaining her 2nd and 3rd year projects to pre university students has been a major advancement in her personal goals. She believes anybody can learn at any age. One just needs the right mentor to guide you. She always wanted that project-based learning should be initiated in schools as well and thanks to IEEE that this personal goal of hers’ was somehow achieved. She used to write blogs and got an opportunity to showcase her talent as an online speaker for a Blog writing workshop in June 2020. She has given many talks since then. The best part is volunteering in IEEE is doing what you do the best. There are so many areas where you can learn and grow. The opportunities are endless.

She learns something, excel a bit at it and there is an opportunity of Volunteering in IEEE in the same area.

With this her skill improves over time. She believes in working on practical grounds and that too to the extent where you are free to express yourself is the best part. She has learnt to work with people. Communicating with them and listening to them. Yes, it is a rocky road and there were times when there was contradiction in ideas but it makes you learn to listen to others as well. “I have had leadership and public speaking qualities right from my junior classes but I have never been more confident to express myself”. She expresses this with joy. The respect every volunteer receives is tremendous. Every volunteer is considered important and is listened to. IEEE is a place for anyone and everyone. She was a confident person right from the start but never have had many friends. Being a part of IEEE has made her a complete extrovert and she enjoys people’s company.

She flew to Bengaluru from Delhi for 3 days. She was invited as a speaker for delivering a talk on digital marketing at YESIST 12 SVCE Bengaluru. Meeting people from various parts of the country made her feel as if they are all very different yet the same. Her virtually made friends who she had not ever met, helped her complete her presentation, boosted her  confidence before her session and attended the session with full enthusiasm. After session questions and applauses made her feel on the top of the world.

She did her Digital Marketing certification in 2019. Since then, she has worked with 2 companies as a freelancer. She works on projects related to Machine Learning and AI in her  free time.