Outstanding WIE Volunteer - Yarlagadda Padma Sai

Yarlagadda Padma Sai did her B.Tech. Degree from Nagarjuna University, Guntur, M.E in Systems and Signal Processing and PhD in Biomedical Signal processing from Osmania University, Hyderabad. She started her career as QC Engineer and served for 5 Yrs in Industry. She Joined in DCET January as Asst.Prof. 1998. Joined VNRVJIET on 1st July 1999 and held various positions, presently Dean Students Progression. SMIEEE FIETE FIEI LMISTE LMISOI ,LMASCI. Vice-Chair WIE AG IEEE Hyderabad 2019, Member STTP IETE Hyderabad (2012-2014), Member WE in engineering IETE (2014-2015), Execute Member ISTE AP Section 2012-2014 Secretary cum treasurer ISTE TS Section 2015-2019. Her research interests are Bio-Medical, Signal, and Image Processing/ AI and she has presented/ published 110 Papers.

Coming to her IEEE Journey, she has been Chair of WIE AG IEEE Hyderabad Section 2020,21.
Up to now she has conducted the following events –
1.Organised 25 events, initiated 8 new WIEs and Conducted 7 Administrative Meetings
2. WIE AG received the 2020- R10 Women in Engineering Outstanding Section Affinity Group Award: IEEE Hyderabad Section WIE Affinity Group in recognition and appreciation of valuable services and contributions.
3.R10 Women in Engineering Outstanding Student Volunteer Award: Sai Divya Nallapaneni in recognition of outstanding contributions and services to the WIE program and the IEEE Hyderabad Section
4. Awarded 2020 IEEE SPS Summer School on “Internet of Things for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications” and sponsored $3K and successfully conducted the program from 28th December -31st December 2020.
5. Recent advances in artificial intelligence for Signal Processing has been approved by the IEEE SPS Membership Board. Our initiatives will be supported with the US $ 3000.
6. VNR VJIET IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group got the “2021 R10 Women In Engineering Outstanding Student Branch Affinity Group Award. Organised various activities at the Student branch and also initiated new societies and councils

She has made a lot of contributions through IEEE. A few contributions through IEEE are – taken Responsibility of Branch Counsellor from 2015. IEEE VNR SB strives to become better every year. Added 5 Societies, 1 council and 1 WIE. IEEE VNR SB has successfully bagged 6 REM scholarships since the fall of September 2018 which wouldn’t be possible without the incredible support and guidance from the Section.
Right since IEEE VNR SB was awarded the “Vibrant Student Branch Award – 2019”, Received the Outstanding Branch Counsellor Award from IEEE Hyderabad Section on 24th January 2021, VNR VJIET IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group got the “2021 R10 Women In Engineering Outstanding Student Branch Affinity Group Award”, and the IEEE VNR SB students are willing to work even more.
It has boosted the morale of the entire Student Branch and currently, 65 professional faculty members and 15 of the faculty members from SB have been elevated to Senior Member of IEEE

  • Technical Program Committee member and Session Chair of 6th IEEE IACC-2016 February 27-28, 2016
  • Program chair, 7th IEEE IACC-2017
  • Reviewer for 2019 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems, Sep 20, 2019
  • As a Vice-Chair WIE AG IEEE conducted various activities and supported the chair and received an award from Hyderabad Section. As a chair, WIE AG conducted 36 events in 2020

Not only in IEEE she has a plethora of contributions outside IEEE. Some of them are:

  • As an Active volunteer of ISTE since 2008 organised various events at the Institute and also at State Level.
  • Initiated IETE institute membership in 2010 and organised various events.
  • Taken initiation (As Proctor Coordinator) in collaboration with MeitY and E & ICT Academy, NIT Patna for the Joint Global online Summer Courses-2021 and Organised 10 FDPs, Springer Courses through online mode; organised 6 FDPs, Summer Courses-2020 through online mode organised

Yarlagadda Padma Sai is one of those people who never want to lose a chance of learning new things and exploring. She always showed keen interest and came forward to participate, talk, organise events and share knowledge. She believes that sharing knowledge along with learning it ourselves makes us wiser and improves a lot as a person and thus we get more inputs rather than only self-learning. During her IEEE journey, she organised numerous events in various fields and spread knowledge all over the institutions. She has volunteered and conducted many students and professional activities within IEEE Hyderabad Section. She believes that her friendly communication with volunteers and ability to inspire others with a committed attitude has paved the way to her success in steering many programs. She strongly believes that her academic excellence, professional commitment and Volunteering Leadership stand out consistently to make a bigger contribution. She has constantly contributed to the success of Section Student Mini Congress (Parjanya), Returning Mothers Conference 2021 and many other Professional Development Programs. She has always done her best in motivating her students and fellow volunteers in performing their best, and the above is a successful testimony of that.