Outstanding Student Volunteer - Shubham Mishra

Shubham Mishra started this journey with IEEE SIES GST as a Publicity volunteer and undertook the responsibility of publicizing events during the annual festival sincerely. Alongside his role as a volunteer,  he also successfully ran an event named “Technopoly” which was a one-day mini hackathon during Techopedia 8.0 which was IEEE SIES GST’s pride event held in 2019. After accomplishing all the goals during his tenure as a volunteer he went on to become the Vice-chairperson of the IEEE SIES GST’s Executive committee for 2020-21. He led several initiatives and was highly applauded by the higher authorities. This added a flair to his list of achievements and soon after was appointed as the Chairperson of IEEE SIES GST 2021 and continued to work with all the support he received.

When everything went online and conducting an event online was tough, but with the support of his team they conducted the technical fest Techopedia 9.O virtually for the very first in the past nine years, setting the bars high for the coming generation again, this fest was a grand success, apart from this there were numerous workshops, seminars, events organized. He has given his valuable time to IEEE with utmost dedication, positive approach and never-ending energy has kept the team going, which also includes conducting various events that enhance the intrapersonal skills of students.

Other than IEEE, he has been part of the Cultural team of SIES GST as a volunteer for Sense4 and Flea n Frolic. he has worked with NGOs by providing educational aid and significant charity as much as he could.

Shubham Mishra believes after dedicating his time and determination to IEEE SIES GST, he has learned a lot and certainly made his student branch proud.