Outstanding Volunteer - Muhammed Kasim S

Prof. Muhammed Kasim S (Vice Chair, IEEE Kerala Section) graduated from TKM College of Engineering Kollam in 1978 & completed PG from College of Engineering Trivandrum in 1981. He Joined Electrical Dept. of TKM College of Engineering as Lecturer in Jan 1981. Later, joined IEEE on 1 Nov 1986 as a member. IEEE Student Branch at TKMCE was approved on 26 Nov 1986. Became the SB Counsellor in 1988 and continued till 1992. A week-long program “National Science and Technology Meet 1989” was organized in Sep 1989 under IEEE SB. Received the R10 Outstanding SB Counsellor Award for 1989-1990 Activities. I was promoted to Asst. Professor and continued till Nov 1997. I took 5 years’ Leave and joined Zedan Consultants, a Design Consultant at Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia as a Senior Electrical Engineer and continued there till Mar 2002. Design of Substation Projects & System Studies were the main responsibilities. Promoted to Project Manager in 2000. MV and HV Outdoor, Indoor and GIS Substations were designed, and IFC drawings were approved & stamped. After a good industrial exposure, he joined back at TKMCE as Asst. Professor and promoted to Professor and continued till retirement in 2011.

He became the IEEE SB Counsellor for the second time in 2008 and continued as the Counsellor for 2009 also.

He joined TKM Institute of Technology, Ezhukone as HOD EEE in Jan 2012 and continued till Jun 2013. Promoted as Principal in July 2013 and continued up to October 2015. Joined Musaliar College of Engineering Chirayinkeezhu as HOD EEE in Nov 2015 and continued till May 2019. I aim to bring and keep Kerala Section in the No.1 position globally by supporting all its Organizational Units.

IEEE contribution during last year at Branch / Chapter / Section /IC / Region

He is familiar with Member details abstraction from OU Analytics being a Section ExCom Member in different positions since 2010. There his primary intentions were to work maximum for Senior Membership Elevation; Membership retention, Member Recruitment & Member Recovery jointly with the MD team; reactivate inactive/dormant Student Branches and start new SBs jointly with SAC; give support to weak Society Chapters and start new Society Chapters.

In January as Section Vice Chair, I downloaded the list of inactive members from OU Analytics and sent a mail requesting membership renewal. Follow-up continued and several Members of all grades re-joined IEEE for 2021.

In 2021, active Student Branches increased from 66 to 86 including 6 new SBs. Society Chapters are closely monitored and supported whenever required for increasing the Chapter count and activities. Education Society Chapter was newly formed in April, with me as the founder Chair. Now ES Chapter is #1 in R10 with 106 Members.

IEEE contribution of past years at Branch / Chapter / Section /IC / Region:

  • Founder Chair, Education Society Chapter (20 Apr 2021)
  •  Kerala Section Educational Activities Chair (2020) 
  •  Kerala Section IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter Chair: (2018-2019)
  •  Kerala Section Educational Activities Co-Chair: (2016-2017)
  •  Kerala Section Students Activities Committee Chair: (2014-2015)
  •  Kerala Section Power & Energy Society Chapter Chair: (2010-2013)
  •  TKM College of Engineering IEEE Student Branch Counsellor: (!988-1992) & (2008-2009)
  •  Education Society Kerala Chapter ExCom Member: (May 2021 – onwards)
  •  IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter Kerala ExCom Member: (Jan 2020 – onwards)
  •  Power & Energy Society Kerala Chapter ExCom Member: (Jan 2014 – onwards
  • Power & Energy Society India Council Chapter ExCom Member: 2014

He took initiative to reactivate the TKM College of Engineering Student Branch in 2008 and became the Counsellor for 2008 & 2009. He took the charge of 14 Members PES Kerala Chapter as Chair in 2010. Membership Development programs were organized and bagged Small Chapter Membership Growth Award for 2010. Submitted proposal for first PES ISGT Asia Conference, got approved successfully conducted at Kollam in Dec 2011. Several technical, PESYP, and PESWIE activities were organized bagging four PES Awards during my term from 2010-2013.

As SAC Chair, Student Activities including reactivation of dormant SBs, SB Officers training and events including All India Student & Young Professional Congress 2015 were orderly planned and executed across Kerala. Kerala Section bagged three major awards including Member retention for 2015. He became the Chair of yet another dormant Chapter namely IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter in 2018 and made it to one of the best globally bagging two 2019 IAS awards. The Jt. Chapter’s first Newsletter “Industria” was released during the IAS Student Congress “AKIASSC’19” held in February 2019. A lot of educational programs were organized during 2020. Now PES & IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapters are Number 1 & 3 in the world ranking on Membership count.

Suitability for this award

  •  Kerala Section Outstanding Volunteer Award 2019.
  •  IAS Most happening Chapter Award for 2018.
  •  IAS Outstanding website Awards for 2018.
  •  Kerala Section Outstanding Chapter Award 2013 (for PES Chapter).
  •  PES Outstanding Website Award for 2013.
  •  PES Outstanding Small Chapter Award for 2012
  •  PES Chapter Membership Growth Award for 2010 & 2013.
  •  Kerala Section Outstanding SB Counsellor Award for 2009.
  •  R10 Outstanding Student Branch Counsellor Award for 1989-1990 Activities.

He reactivated the IEEE Student Branch of TKMCE in 2008 by addressing the students of Circuit Branches by taking MD Sessions. The Student Branch conducted several programs as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations. The first STEP program in the Kerala Section was conducted by him at TKMCE in Oct 2010. The first AISYC in Kerala was also organized during his term in 2015. Kerala Section received too many Awards in 2014 & 2015. In 2018 & 2019, the IA/IE/PELS Jt. 

Contributions other than IEEE

His professional career started in 1981 as Lecturer at TKM College of Engineering Kollam. His 25 years of teaching at TKMCE, 4 years at TKM Institute of Technology, 3 yrs and 7 months at Musaliar College of Engineering at various positions helped in developing a wide circle of contacts internationally. He has been a faculty Advisor, and Dept. coordinator, Addl. Chief Supdt. of Exams, Warden of College Menâ Hostel, Chairman of University Exams and so on.

He started a technical publication for the EEE Dept. of TKMCE namely “Potentia” in 2005 which is continuing with its annual issues. This helped the students and faculties of the College an opportunity to share their thoughts and technical know-how with a similar group.

Supporting family members and known poor and needy people in their educational needs and livelihood needs. Supporting Charitable organizations is another passion.

He worked for nearly 5 years in Saudi Arabia as a design Engineer. With a wide circle of contacts from among  his student community and professional connections, he was able to help many graduates find jobs in Kerala, India as well as abroad.