Outstanding Student Volunteer - Indhumathi G

Indhumathi G. is a keen learner and enthusiast who loves to explore herself and is always ready to take up challenges. She tries to be herself, be passionate about her dreams and hobbies, live honestly, and work hard to achieve all that she wants to make. She served as the Vice – Chairperson of IEEE PIT SB. As Chairperson she has conducted various Contests, Webinars, Workshops, Guest Lectures and Awareness programs in order to benefit the students and guide them in a proper path towards their career.  She has always been energetic and lively. She is a person who always looks for positivity in all critical circumstances with a never give up attitude. She probably tries to give her cent percent in whatever work assigned to me and it is very difficult for me to say NO when people ask her for some help or whenever a particular task is assigned to her and this quality sometimes makes her feel unique. Though this quality seems to be her strength, it even works in other ways too. She would be keen on collecting feedback in every work  which she believes is the only way to uplift herself. Drawing was one of her passions during her school days. The thirst for drawing resumed even in her college days which paved the way to learn graphic designing. She spent her leisure time by contributing for volunteering activities in various domains like designing,documentation and publicity. Apart from volunteering she reads news in order to keep herself updated to current trends. She tends to be teamwork-oriented and reliable, as She has never missed a deadline. She is also proud of her ability to preserve and overcome any challenges as they come up.

Her recent contributions to IEEE in the recent years are :

  • Recipient of Prestigious REM Scholarship offered by IEEE CS (Fall 2020) also serving as the Regional Student Ambassador (R10) of IEEE CS.
  • IEEE Madras Section recognized her volunteering activities and awarded her as a Best Student Volunteer 2020.
  • Elected as Vice-Chairperson of IEEE PIT SB, Chennai and vibrantly working towards the enhancement of SB progression.
  • Selected as Graphic Designer of IEEE MAS SCT, Global Outreach Ambassador for IEEE SSIT, Scholarship Outreach Ambassador for IEEE CS 2021.
  • Serving as the Organizer of IEEE PIT WEBINAR SERIES where they organized nearly 50+ webinars during this COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 7000+ members participated across the globe and benefitted.
  • IEEE Student Branch recognized my creativity, and extraordinary involvement and awarded the “Best Designer Award” 2020.
  • IEEE recognized my member recruiting efforts through the “Member-Get-Member (MGM)” program.
  • Serving as a Mentor at REM HELP DESK.
  • Served as the PES DAY 2021 WIP ambassador and organized 20+ events exclusively for the promotion of PES society which includes 11 contests, 4 webinars, 3 workshops and 5 talks.
  • Served as an Inspire and Engage Track Coordinator and Graphic Design Volunteer for Returning Mothers Conference 2021 organized by various WIE AG across the region and with other co-partners.
  • Serving as a Campus Ambassador for IEEE Inspire India. (Present)
  • Served as a graphic design volunteer & Technical Coordinator for MAS E – TECH Symposium organized by IEEE MADRAS Section, Graphic Design Volunteer for IEEE PELS SYPS 2021, YESIST12 SPECIAL TRACK, Technical Coordinator conference IEEE MASCON 2021 conference organized by IEEE MADRAS SECTION, Campus Ambassador for IEEE WICC’20, IEEE MAS Membership Development Committee, IEEE YESIST12 Junior Einstein Track, XTRINIA 3.0, SECTION AMBASSADOR for V-FIESTA 2020, IGNIS 20 ,EVENT AMBASSADOR for IFSFS 2020, NAVONMESH, Publicity Volunteer for Hack-O-Holics, YANETHA 2021.

Indumathi has been a part of IEEE from a very long time, her previous years contributions include:

  • Conducted various membership drive programs as a result of which around 50+ members joined IEEE.
  • Organizer of CALL FOR AMBASSADOR 2.0 program which was one of the successful promotional events in IEEE PIT SB.
  • Serving as a member of Women in Engineering from 2019 (till date) and chair of WIE (2020) and vibrantly working towards women empowerment by guiding nearly 50 girls at her SB.
  • Coordinated 10+ workshops in IEEE PIT SB on emerging technologies like ETHICAL HACKING, IOT, Machine learning, etc.
  • Coordinated 20+ Guest Lectures in IEEE Panimalar institute of technology.
  • Organized a Codeathon in collaboration with Manipal University Jaipur and coding blocks where 50+ members participated across India.
  • Organized a talk titled “Game Dev talk” in collaboration with Manipal University Jaipur.
  • Coordinated 20+ contests like Group Discussion, Technical Quiz, C Programming, Circuit Debugging, online photography, etc in 2019 at IEEE PIT SB.
  • Coordinated 15+ workshops at IEEE PIT SB in collaboration with Coding Blocks in which about 500+ members participated and benefitted.
  • Guiding 30+ members in designing creative posters, brochures and certificates in IEEE PIT SB.
  • Conducted Volunteer Elevation Program in her SB in order to motivate her fellow mates and juniors in volunteering activities (Sep 2020).
  • Organized a webinar on What do companies expect from the fresher? organized by IEEE PIT SB (22nd June 2020).
  • Organized Techno burst (IoT webinar series) during Sep 2020 about 300+ students got benefited at IEEE PIT SB.
  • Organized a Mini Project contest on 9th Sep 2019 at IEEE PIT SB.
  • Organized a webinar on Grid Connected Photovoltaic-an Overview at IEEE PIT SB (20th June 2020).
  • Organized Online Quiz on a Mark of International Day of Light in which about 500+ members participated from different parts of the country.

Indumathi has been an active volunteer apart from IEEE as well.

  • Organized a Cleanup campaign as a part of SWACHH BHARAT and involved in cleaning Besant Nagar beach, Chennai for one half day.
  • Conducted Covid-19 Awareness program regarding social distancing and preventive measures during July 2020.
  • Member of National Service Scheme (NSS) under PIT and Participated in various cleaning campaigns arranged by NSS and involved in cleaning beaches and lakes.
  • Serving as a member of IETE and organized several events.
  • Serving as a Women Tech Global Ambassador which is on a mission to unite and celebrate 100 000 women in tech to discuss things that matter.
  • Served as a Graphic Designer for NITTTR Ministry of Education, Government of INDIA, Serving as a Campus Ambassador at Indian Robotics Community, Cipher Schools, Rejolt Talks,Inter Mind etc.
  • Serving as MyNEP Ambassador and contributed towards promoting the National Education Policy 2020.
  • Completed Social Media Internship Program at Wide reach media.
  • Undergone Robotic Process Automation course during GUVI’s RPA SKILL-A-THON.
  • Completed Photoshop for beginners: Basics of editing and effects on Udemy
  • Completed Fundamentals of Graphic Designing Course on Coursera
  • completed Build an E-Commerce Dashboard with Figma an online course on Coursera
  • completed course on Learn to Design your own Solar Home System organized by Swaraj Foundation in association with Dr. M. G. R. Educational and Research Institute

Talking about the suitability of getting the Outstanding Student Volunteer award she says she is an active, passionate and an energetic volunteer. She is serving as a highly spirited volunteer by giving her fullest to enhance the development of IEEE PIT SB, Madras Section. She was recognized by IEEE for her member recruiting efforts through the Member-Get-Member program. Being the Vice-chairperson of a vibrant student branch (PIT), she always motivated and encouraged her fellow mates and juniors of her Student Branch and also from various sections to host meetings to furnish the enormous student benefits IEEE provides and share the volunteering journey experience of prominent IEEE members to them. In a span of 7 months, she organized around 200+ events during this COVID-19 pandemic to give insights about many emerging technologies and benefit the student community where more than 15,000 members participated in their events across the globe which paved a way to receive – R10 SAC Outstanding SB Award 2020. She is also a recipient of Prestigious REM Scholarship offered by IEEE CS, also selected as IEEE MAS Best Student Volunteer Award 2020 by IEEE Madras Section. Her talks motivated many IEEE members of her SB to contribute more for IEEE and my awareness programs encouraged 50+ members to join IEEE and also made 120 members to register in IEEE Xtreme 14.0. She won several prizes in paper presentations and contests and maintained first class grade points in every semester. She strongly believes that she possesses all these qualities and has always been an all-rounder, inspiring student member and good mentor to her juniors with exceptional leadership and volunteering skills.