Outstanding Student Volunteer - Akhilesh Sobilla

Akhilesh Sobilla is currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering in Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Tirupati. He is an active member in the College, not only in IEEE activities but also in other roles and activities.

He is interested in Cyber Security, Web Development, Content Writing and latest technologies trends. He is very much keen to use new technologies and also to know how they work. He is a passionate student, continuously enhancing his skills. He also gives his best in academics as well.

He also did internships such as Campus Ambassador of Cisco, Content Writer in Bright Geeks and also Content Writer in LetsGrowMore Community. His past internships include Cyber Security internship in SmartKnower, Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking internship in UnSchool.

First, he started volunteering in IEEE as Content Writer in his Student Branch and then he also volunteered in various fields like publicity, awards and funding, designing and other fields. He  participated in many IEEE events and sessions to learn new things and won many of these competitions. Apart from all this He likes to read books regarding personality development and other books. He also written a few articles.

His IEEE contributions over the past year include:

  1. IEEE India Council Educational Activities Committee Volunteer 2021
  2. IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Activities Committee Outreach India Team Volunteer 2021
  3. IEEE Computer Society Scholarships Outreach Initiative Ambassador for Fall 2021
  4. IEEE Education Week Volunteer 2021 – 2022
  5. IEEE PES YP Powering the Future Summit 2021 Ambassador
  6. IEEE PES HAC Congress 2021 Ambassador
  7. IEEE Region 10 YP Upskill Hyderabad Section Volunteer 2021
  8. IEEE Hyderabad Section Newsletter Team Volunteer 2021
  9. IEEE Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering Student Branch Content Writing, Publicity Volunteer 2021
  10. IEEE Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering Student Branch Awards and Funding Volunteer 2021
  11. IEEE Computer Society Sameeksha Content Volunteer 2021
  12. IEEE Hyderabad Section SAC Parjanya Volunteer 2021
  13. IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Sparklers Summit Delegate 2021
  14. IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals CLAP Delegate and Team Leader 2021

In IEEE IC EAC, he is  in the School Education team. They have organized useful workshops for School teachers and students. In the R10 HTA Outreach India Team and R10 YP Upskill Hyderabad Section, he is a publicity volunteer. In IEEE CS SOI, IEEE PES YP PFS, IEEE PES HAC Congress, he is an Ambassador. He gave his best in organizing and making those events successful. All those were well organized with participants and speakers from many countries.

IEEE Education Week is taking place from 4 to 8 April 2022, I have volunteered for content preparation and publicity of the event.

In IEEE Hyderabad Section Newsletter Team, he is content writer.

In IEEE SVCE SB, he is a content writing, publicity, awards & funding volunteer.

Akhilesh says that he came to know about IEEE during January 2021. As soon as he got to know about IEEE, he took the membership and learnt a lot regarding the IEEE. After gaining more insights regarding the IEEE he started volunteering in his student branch and helped in organizing many useful and amazing events. He has been a content writer, publicity volunteer, award and funding volunteer and also helped in designing in my student branch. Then he has applied for various volunteering roles at different levels.

He has been selected as a volunteer for IEEE India Council Educational Activities Committee 2021 within a few months after taking my membership. Then he was also selected as a publicity volunteer for IEEE Region 10 HTA Outreach India Team 2021. He had been a publicity volunteer for IEEE Region 10 YP Upskill Hyderabad Section 2021. He was also selected as Content Writer for IEEE Hyderabad Section Newsletter Team. He was also a volunteer of IEEE Education Week. He has been an Ambassador for IEEE CS Scholarship Outreach Initiative 2021, IEEE PES YP PFS 2021, IEEE PES HAC Congress 2021. He also has been selected as delegate for Sparklers Summit 2021 and CLAP 2021 organized by IEEE Region 10 YP. He has also volunteered for organizing various events like IEEE CS Sameeksha 2021 and IEEE Hyderabad Section SAC Parjanya 2021.

Within very less time he learnt about IEEE and within less than a year he was selected for various volunteering roles.  Within a short time he volunteered in IEEE SVCE SB, IEEE Hyderabad Section, IEEE India Council, IEEE Region 10 and also for global events in IEEE like IEEE Education Week.

He has worked hard to balance his academics and IEEE volunteering as it was his first year. With patience and team working nature, he had completed all my volunteering works with flying colors which makes him an apt recipient for the Outstanding Volunteer Award.