Volunteering Experience of Himani Sharma

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Being associated with IEEE, Bangalore Section is an immense pleasure to her. During her college days, she has volunteered for various non-profit organization in terms of teaching, providing support in old-age homes etc. So, being a volunteer always cheers her up. When she got to know about IEEE volunteering activities, she decided to join the organization. She come from a non-tech background, however IEEE is a great platform for networking, learn, access the resources to learn and grow. There are global communities, conferences, and professional and educational activities which gives an exposure for public speaking, exchange ideas and mentor support. It’s been almost 3 months since she is part of IEEE. Still exploring and networking with intellectuals for mutual knowledge gaining.

Being part of IEEE volunteer Bangalore Section, so far, she has worked with editorial team and working on section reports for Kolkata section. She has been part of multiple conferences and submitted her ideas for health care facilities improvement which helped her to observe the surrounding and look out for technology alternatives to fix the issue. She is looking forward for writing research papers.

Some benefits that she got from IEEE are Networking, exposure for conferences, brainstorm about society problems. Along with this, there is ample amount of resources available to gain the knowledge about technology, professional development etc. Since she come from non-tech background, it’s great to talk with people who are working closely to technology.

She was working in Amazon as a Quality Auditor for last 4 years in Marketing and Sales department. Coming to her volunteering experience, she is part of Class chat program organized by Amazon and AFE across India. Being a mentor, she guides college students and school going kids about career and pathways to achieve the same. Along with this, she teaches students during her week offs and help them in their studies especially Italian Language. She is a linguist and know Italian, Russian, English, and Hindi. She has conducted the Piazza Italia fest during her college days. Associated with Non-profit organization to collect funds for the same and serve best to the community.