Volunteering Experience of C. Sahithi

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At the early stages of her under graduation, sahithi always wanted to try new things, meet new people and that is when she got to know about IEEE. In first year of her Bachelor’s, she has attended few seminars that are being conducted in her IEEE Student Branch, she find them very insightful. When she heard about the enormous opportunities in IEEE like networking, conducting events and sharing the knowledge, it excited her a lot and especially the concept of Women in Engineering Affinity Group attracted her so much that is when she decided to become an IEEE Volunteer and that one decision took her to the heights.

As an IEEE Volunteer she has contributed her part in organizing many student branch events and webinars. These helped many students for their technological advancement. In addition to these, She has always done her part in making posters, content and also Event Management. She says these are not the proud moments as an IEEE volunteer because the best is yet to come and she will always thrive for that.

This IEEE community offers a lot of benefits for an IEEE Volunteer and some of them are getting opportunity to become Mentee in ‘Mentor for her’ program, and she got one of the best mentor Dr Ray Cheung from Hong Kong, his guidance helped her a lot in taking decisions. In addition to this IEEE provided Networking which will always be the best part and her communication skills, leadership skills, organizing skills and many more has improved a lot because of IEEE.

Every moment in IEEE is so special and favourite to her because at every stage of her IEEE career she has left all her fears and improved a lot. Her IEEE story started in the lockdown period where all the doors were closed for their health her doors opened for knowledge and exploring because of IEEE. Her Seniors recommended her to take the IEEE membership, since then her view has been totally changed after joining in IEEE. From being a student member at SVCE Student Branch to Hyderabad Student Network Volunteer of ICNL Vaani is a long journey and the journey continues and she thank everyone who has been part of her journey especially her student branch chair G. Renu for introducing her IEEE.

“The joy volunteering and the concept of giving back to the society will always be the best part of IEEE” is what Sahithi believes in.

Outside IEEE she has organized many events in my college like AMPLE, ACSA and also conducted induction Programs to make her juniors to get to know about career opportunities.